Tuesday, 31 July 2012

BUHARI AND HIS BLOODY 2015 PREDICTIONS: The fallacies and realities

Can we say that the outburst of Gen. Buhari is a true reflection of the state of the nation or another political gimmick aimed at heating up the polity? One may tend to comprehend the General’s concern but his usage of words creates room for suspicion about his intention. How can a former Nigerian leader declare the govt of the day is “the biggest Boko Haram” when we all truly know the aim s and objective of the group, Boko Haram.
Truly Buhari’s unguarded alterances calls for a rethink on the kind of men and women Nigerians intend to elect as their leaders. Does Buhari truly love the Nigerian people he earnestly craves to lead again? If he does, then one need to ask him why does he wish them a bloodbath if all do not go well in 2015? Statements such as these are not the qualities of a true democrat that Buhari wants us to believe he is.
Who does Buhari aims to threaten by these statements? Why has Buhari continue to portray himself more as a Northerner than a Nigerian and yet he wish to lead a nation as diverse as Nigeria?
The CPC should urge its former candidate not to continue on this path because such behavior will dampen the image of the party rather score political points like it wants to achieve with this acts. It is high time our politician stop this war of word and get down to business by discussing critical issues as they borders on our collective existence as a nation.
Democracy as it is practiced in advanced societies portrays a transparent look for all to see. Even the opposition in such places contributes meaningfully to the advancement of the govt in power. Here the case seems to be the opposite. With the Acn joining the cue of rash statement made at the presidency, it is even more alarming to here Northerner governors supporting the call Buhari is making.
If the North cannot accept the fact that a minority is leading this country, then what is the basis for this democracy where individuals are allowed to rule base on where they are from? Indeed such a process will not last long and I want to think the PDP is truly learning from its mistakes caused because of the way it handles its “family affair”.
It is quite clear that there is a lot of loopholes with the kind of system we operate here but that cannot resolve our problem if we keep heating up the process with threat of bloodbath as the General has promised Nigerians. Buhari as a leader and elder statesman should not allow his ambition for power becloud his sense of reasoning. As the only legacy he can leave behind is to ensure that the tenets of democracy takes it root in this country and not with this outburst of his.
The PDP on its part must gather the moral fiber if it has any left to question and sanction the spate of corruption going on in this country. If it can tackle this, then a better day is ahead of Nigerians.

Dept of philosophy,
University of Lagos.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


The story made headlines both locally and internationally about the doggedness and resilience of the Edo people, but the most profound of it all is the man in the centre of this historical election, Adams Oshiomhole.
Despite the odds comrade Oshiomhole show us that he is indeed a man with a lion’s heart ready to challenge the status quo and the PDP Federal might. These happenings truly reflect that when good men go to sleep then the people will bear the consequences of having mentally and morally bankrupt men lead them. This victory is a clarion call to the sleeping giants in Nigeria to rise up to the occasion and save their people from the shame brought upon them by men who lack substance and character.
There is no doubt in my mind that with the triumph of Oshiomhole, men of pedigree will emerge in our political space to take over from these charlatans that parade themselves as political leaders in the country. The political dynamics is fast changing in the land and i hope that many of these so called untouchable politician will discern the mood of the people and give up their cling to power else the new breed of politically conscious Nigerians who now see and understand the inherent values of democracy will push them out of power.
Democracy is the most feasible system of governance that reflects the mood of a people; this is why the struggle for democracy in the continent of Africa is every day gaining momentum. To this end, elections such as the Edo experience will send a strong signal across the length and breadth that the people can no longer be taken for granted.
As Gov. Oshiomhole settles down to led his people for another second tenure, he must avoid distraction, put the people first in his fiscal policy formulation for Edo state and above all, work assiduously to ensure the further entrenchment to democratic culture in Edo so that when he leaves office the people can better decide for themselves who can carry on the mantle of leadership.
I strongly hold that the Edo experience is indeed crucial to future elections in Nigeria, this is why we must salute the bravery of Adams Oshiomhole and the attitude put up by the Edo people to ensure their votes do count.

Yek keme
Dept of philosophy
University of Lagos