Tuesday, 20 December 2011

ASUU Strike And The Destiny Of a Nation

Yes the battle line is drawn, the  is on. Universities are shut down and students sent home. I hope we are happy and I pray the reasons for the tussle are met at the end of this drama?
One question comes to mind as I put pen on paper to write this piece, what is the fundamental purpose of university education? For it is in understanding this question that we will begin to see the implications of on our collective good as a nation.
Anywhere in the world as we see today, one fundamental essence captures the imperative of university education. This is, university is the bridge connecting the imaginative creative mind (students) and the knowledgeable mind (Teachers).
When these two synthesize, new ideas emanate and this is what developed nations have used to transform themselves from nothing to something. Japan, India, China, America e.t.c are typical examples of this.
By this , not only have we put the gates of our ivory towers under locks and keys but we have equally put to stand still our quest for development and progress as a people.
Nations that understand the true meaning of university education take it as first priority. But why is ours different, a curious mind would ask?
Those in the corridors of power simply pay lip service to the issues at stake. After all, what are the contributions of Nigerian universities to the developmental prospect of the nation? Are they not just certificate printing houses when their graduate cannot even defend the degrees they carry around? The system is messed up they say, but it is so because that is who we are in this country. For you cannot hide your true character no matter how outwardly sophisticated you seems to appear.
The deception is just so much in this land, how can we do this to ourselves? If we waste away the vibrancy and potentialities of our youthful minds, then we have no one else but ourselves to be blamed in the near future where works of creative ingenuity becomes the order of the day for humanity.
The truth is, if we deliberately kill Nigerian universities via our actions and behaviour, then we should be prepared to live a borrowed life as a people.


When new technological gadgets come out, Nigerian are amongst the first people in world to use them but when it comes to the creation of these gadgets, Nigerians are no where to be found. The question is who is fooling who? The west or us.
Day in day out technological gadgets are produced that are redefining the face of the earth and even transforming the way we live our lives in these contemporary times. This transformation is as a result of the “mobile age” we are in.
Yes culture is the totality of the way and how we live our lives. No one can live their life outside it. Our culture in this sense gives meaning to the way we see and interpret the world.
Today, the present generation of young people are living in what I would describe as the mobile culture. They want everything fast because they don’t have time to waste. They are always on the move. This explains the reason for the creation of technological tools to meet their diverse needs.
In taking a bird’s-eye view of happenings around the world today, I will say this is one of the best ages to live in because human existence is truly realizing its full potentials in all spheres of discovery, thereby making the world a better place to live in.
Man has succeeded in creating a global community where people have the necessary technological gadget/tools to communicate with each other.
The question that comes next is, who is doing the creation and who is doing the consumption? Europe, America and even recently Asia (China & India) are major stakeholders in the creation race while places like Nigeria and by extension Africa appear to be the consumers hence making their societies a dumping ground for all kinds of western ideas (technologies).
Many years have gone by since Walter Rodney wrote his famous book “How Europe Underdeveloped Africa”, yet it appears the issues Rodney discussed in this work remain pertinent and applicable to us till date.
Why must we remain behind the rest of the developed world and pretend to ourselves that we are amongst best simply because we use the latest technological gadget the products.
Truth is, the west will not take us serious no matter how much we buy from them until we begin to task our mind to create technologies that will compete favourably with theirs. China and India are doing it, so why can’t we.
Dr. Chiedozie Okoro of the dept of philosophy unilag opines that “Any society that does not cherish and sustain individuals with creative and inventive power and the urge to discover, will find it difficult to develop.”
Truly speaking, if we must raise our shoulders high amongst the committee of nations, we must start to create, else we would continue remain at the back waters of history.
This informs the need for the tutoring and grooming of the inventive Nigerian mind. The youth of this country must therefore rise up to this challenge. They must not continue to wallow in other peoples hi-tech inventions rather they must task their minds to redeem the name of their father land.
The rise of this mobile culture age must not lead to the death of creativity amongst us instead it should spur us to show the world what we too can do.
Karl Marx was right when he stated that mans essence is in his labour because the works of his labour are the expression of his creativity. Until we begin to create, we have no business complaining about what others create and we must ready to become a huge dumping ground for all kinds of stuff because as it stands, the west have not shown any indication that it will stop creating and just like every living being, consumption is necessary for survival.  This means that the vicious circle will continue unless we take our destiny in our hand.

Confusion Of The Nigerian Youth

The reality the average Nigerian faces is one of despondence. Statistics show that 70% of the population of the country comprises of youth.
The Nigerian youths are exposed to all kinds of information from the Internet to the cable channel; they have seen what youths in other parts of the world are doing especially in Europe, America and even Asia. The achievements of these people awe Nigerian youths and make them ask several unanswered questions.
The amazement and questions keep the  in confusion, hence the title of this write up.
Reports have shown how the youth in America and other developed places are contributing to the innovations and rapid development such societies are witnessing today.
From the Facebook revolution to other mind blowing technologies from Silicon Valley, to corporate and political governance, the youths in these societies are seen playing very crucial roles in the advancement of their society.
Back home in Nigeria, the situation is the very opposite. Not only is the level of development in Nigeria advancing at a very slow pace but the seemingly few places that the youths ought to be so as to contribute their ingenuity are occupied by men as old as their grandfathers. Yet these old hands are not willing to leave or retire in order for vibrant young minds to take over.
This explains why creativity in political governance, corporate Nigeria and even the idea of the youths believing in themselves is far from been achieved. (I really don’t know what he was trying to say here)
To this end, the  and by extension her counterparts in Africa who face similar challenges remain bewildered. They continue to ask what is wrong with the system? Could it be that their youthful vigour is not meant for the benefit of society?
Since our society discourages the constructive expression of youthful exuberance, we are now witnesses to the disaster that results when these creative minds are engaged negatively viz cybercrime, pornography, ATM fraud etc.
Albert Einstein who is acclaimed to be the father of 20th century creative exploits warned never to ignore the creativity of the youth. Societies that are regarded as advanced have adhered to this advice. Are we going to be left behind? The bomb blast at the police headquarters in Abuja attests to the fact that our youth are using their creative energy to harm the society.
The confusion is still on, how long will it last, I do not know but the consequences of this confusion are very severe…..