Thursday, 27 June 2013


Punctuality which is derived from the Latin word “TEMPUS” means time. Punctuality is the characteristic of being able to complete a required task or fulfil an obligation before or at a previously designated time. It is regarded as the soul of business and when cultivated becomes a potent virtue for greatness.
Punctuality signifies diligence, discipline, prudence and judicious use of time. Only those who understand the value of time appreciate what it means to be punctual; as they are faithful to appointments and they plan and utilize every minute of the day and none is allowed to waste.
Life is a function of time. Anybody who waste time on trivialities invariably waste life and is oblivious of the fact that any minute lost is gone forever. Cultures that value punctuality considers being late as tantamount to showing disrespect for others time and may be considered insulting.
In work places, punctuality communicates a plethora of positive virtue to both employers and employee. As it shows dedication, interest in your work and capability in handling responsibilities and also honouring your word.
In 2011, Career Builder survey that 15% workers, were late once per week this resulted to low productivity and fall in the Gross domestic product of the United States. Research conducted by Delongor states “managers are less likely to promote late employee”
How we manage our time determines how far we will go in the success ladder of life. Beauty is born when things are done at the right time. God’s design of life on earth where season come at the right sequence of time is atypical example of punctuality.
One should consciously fight one enemy of time which is procrastination and do away with the tag known as “AFRICAN TIME” which fundamentally negates the very notion of punctuality and connotes Laziness and indiscipline.
The Romans will always say, “TEMPUS FUGIT NON REGAMUS EST” which means time can never be regained.
Punctuality when made our watch word presents us as a more serious and reliable person.

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