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Why you may need a private blog

In today's world, Identity plays a vital role in virtually every human endeavor.  Whether in Business, Politics, Public Service or even Religious association, every party feels at home with somebody they are familiar with. Nobody trusts easily an Individual without a story, a trace, a background they're familiar with or put simply somebody they hardly know.

A name, a face, a record, a profile, or even a referral etc can be a good starting point for   building new relationships that transcends our immediate environment.  If God gives you a Vision of a whale you don't go to the lake in your farmyard. Whales don't live in Lakes. Instead, you go all out there to the High Sea to "launch into the deep". But it takes time to gain acceptance in that highly promising but volatile environment. 

However, when people are acquainted with little details about you, it can spark up their interest and that may just be the opportunity you need to win acceptance. 

More so, with a private blog  you are presented with a platform that offers you the opportunity to express yourself,  what you want out of life, your values, views and opinions about life, living and other endeavors. As it were , you cease to become  a first timer to the global community. Running a web log can be a right way to register your Interconnectedness to the World.

Your Content
The problem of content is enough turn off for so many individuals.  It could even get more complicated when you see yourself as a never-achieved-enough person. But in most cases what really happens is that  we under-estimate our achievements. If you can find something to put down in your CV or resume then you can run a private blog. In fact, that's the least among the reasons you should run a blog.

For me, a choice of a private blog was more of a (social) necessity . The Platform gives me the privilege to express myself and communicate to the world through Writing.  As a Writer,  Public Speaker, Entrepreneur and trained Philosopher,  my desire to affect not just my immediate environment but the hundreds of people that I could connect through the 'IT miracle' influenced blogging for me. When people visit my blog  they should gain insights on Business,  Politics,  and Capacity building as a whole. Also, I want  people to see this experience as a mutual value-based exercise and thus flourish it with content . Through that process a synergy births a new Energy into this Universe of Knowledge. Who downplays the maxim "Knowledge is Light"?  

In addition, for the benefit of those who are always more interested in the messenger than the message, there's a short profile to intimate.

If you are xenophobic or you have an agelong paranoia,  perhaps having a personal blog may not be good for you.

But if being shy or suffering from any of the Complexes is the reason you want a "low- key" life then now is the time to shake it off. You cannot live to be average so embrace Excellence and the price/prize of Prominence that comes with it.  As one scripture verse says, "a city set on a hill cannot be hidden" 

Signing out with the Wisdom deduced from Chinua Achebe's quote: "If you don't write someone's story, write your own". Let me add that this is the generation of Globalization if you don't tell your story somebody else will tell it. You may just have to pray the buddy isn't a blackmailer.

By Showunmi Rex is the Senior Editor at Delta Forte Magazine ( | Twitter Handle: @remirex

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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Pep talk to Voters in 2015: Keep calm and vote right even with the rice.

Easy... It's your season. 2015 is almost here! It's the Christmas of Nigerian politics,  a time of harvest of and for the electorates. This electioneering period is special in so many ways. Your leaders would remember your house address now. They would impress their speeches on how inevitable your support is to their aspirations. And importantly, they would honor with gifts and titles, slot for injury time service.  That's just the way it is.

After these rituals are concluded it is now time to touch the pigs for slaughter directly. Password correct, access is granted now to lie as much as possible to the electorates just to get one more shot at power for the coming term. In the realm of politicking,  no price is too high to pay for the power in your thumb. It's the reason men would leave their beloved families, stop down from their prestigious thrones to the streets despite the vulnerabilities. 

For influential men to be convinced to endorse candidates there may be alot of technicalities but for the common man who holds the majority the answers are far too simple and less sophisticated.  Speak no much English, let the stomach infrastructure do all the ' Rock and Roll' . It speaks volumes.

 Let me be more specific-- Bring more rice! Rice is medicinal, it is the Nigerian opium approved by N***** to be used by the masses. And it is not harmful to the body.

Money has found its way into Nigerian campaigns because of the Third degree poverty level that has bedevilled the vast majority.  It has seized the voice from the call of reason and that may just be disastrous.  So what do I have to say? If I advise people not to collect money from politicians or rice coming masked as charity would I not be speaking German to rustic Africans?

Just like telling someone with HIV that they should live without anti-retroviral drugs when you haven't found the cure for the virus. A poor man lost his belongings to flood, no bank, no means of livelihood and then after a hungry midnight rice came with the morning.  Knowing his story, would you advice him to say no to the rice?  Of course you should not if you are not offering anything better.  Situationism, remember, is also an ethical theory.

I'll tell you what to do dear Electorates. The same wisdom that was employed during the  Mimiko re-election campaign.  Collect what they bring but don't vote for them. By that logic the burden of conscience versus pleasure disappeared like a fleeting shadow. The dichotomy between Money and Morality erased and people calmed down to vote overwhelmingly for their choiced candidate.

You may not have the power to stop a bird from flying over your head but you can keep it from building a nest over it. So when they come luring you with their rice be sure to do the needful which is giving thoughts to the credibility of each candidates.  Scratch deeper to see what lies beyond their dramatic roles and vote for who you think is best.

Never let anyone bamboozle you. Keep calm and vote right even now that rice is involved.

Rex Showunmi is the Senior Editor @ DeltaForte Magazine(  Twitter handle : @remirex

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Sunday, 13 July 2014

A Short Tribute to Wole Soyinka : The Williams Shakespeare of our time.

The advantage of being 80 years old is that one has many people to love" says Jean Renoir , the French film Director and Author. Let me add that living up to 8 decades gives you the privilege of being loved by many, as well. Let's all thank God for the Life of Wole Soyinka,  the Williams Shakespeare of our time . For while History may have been garnished with subtle prejudice during documentation,  the present offers us with a better reality to grasp. Even with the subjectivity of diverse humans we still find objective grounds to agree.  We may have arrived this place through inter-subjectivity. However, it is beyond reasonable doubt that the Man Wole Soyinka has lived a life not only worthy of emulation but also Worthy of education.

Starting out with a life of excellence that far out runs time, he has turned out to be greatness personified. While in his Thirties he had already written some of the best African literary works  including  The Man died, the Lion and the Jewel , The Trials of Brother Jero, etc.

A thorough bred African who admonished the pragmatism of Negritude  stressing that with the anology of "a tiger does not shout its tigritude" instead it acts. He reflected in almost all his works the need for Africa to develop. This he emphasised in his numerous satirical works.

If we sum up Soyinka's life in a little phrase it has been one marked by an unusual zest for all that is humanistic. Aside that, Kongi has lived a highly productive life -- absolutely phenomenal.   The one that has seen several masterpieces come out of his literary loins. Some immortal, many living. One of which I will be honored to be called. Perhaps we should connect his "high tension" energy to his spirituality which radiates around him. For he speaks dearly of Ogun -the Yoruba deity  which he acknowledges as his companion deity.

Twenty Eight years ago he won the Nobel Prize for Literature which is unarguably the most remarkable event of his career being the first African ever to win such  prize. It opened several doors including the rapport with World class( Ivy League) Colleges . He earned honorary doctorates and  faculty membership, among other benefits.

After all said, it interests me to affirm that He will remain to us a source of Inspiration...that we can achieve a lot within our lifetime by being creative , hardworking  and passionate in our calling.

Long Live Wole Soyinka! Ogun, Nigeria and Africa as a whole is proud of you. And as you grow younger remember;  "Igba odun ojo kan ni".

•Wole Soyinka clocks 80 today 13th July,2014.

Rex Showunmi (@remirex) is the Senior Editor at Delta Forte Magazine (

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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Agony from Sambisa Forest

I woke up that morning, unsure of what the day holds for us, but certain of one thing, that the WAEC examination is still ongoing, I got dressed and bid farewell to my folks, unknown it was the last time I will ever set my eyes on them, that I and many other girls will become the victim of the evil lurking round the noon.
We filed into the examination hall, waiting for our question papers and answer booklets to be distributed to all the candidates. Amidst the examination jittery, I heard several gunshots, there was great pandemonium, students and teachers scampering.
I heard a crusty voice from a megaphone, we were commanded to lay down wherever we were, which we obediently obeyed, I was scared to my skin and suddenly blacked out.
The operations lasted for hours, I was revived and ushered into a waiting sport utility vehicle and sandwiched among my mates, like cows taken to abattoir, we were driven away. There was great wailing, we cried until we lost our voice. I stopped crying few weeks ago, and told myself probably this is the prize I have to pay for been a girl child in a country like Nigeria.
It is almost the first semester since we were forcefully adopted from our country, however it seems like eternity. We have become victims of political propaganda, forsaken by a country we call our own, neglected by a government our parents elected. We were carted away like the spoils of war, our adopters in jubilation and chanting victorious songs.
Life in Sambisa has been traumatic, few days after our adoption, our human dignity was forcefully taken away from most of us, freedom of worship which is enshrined in the Nigerian 1999 constitution was taken away, those of us who were Christians were forcefully converted to Islam. We were distributed among our adopters, in hot tears and pain, our dignity is serially violated.  Amidst fear and trepidation we unwillingly submitted our pride to our captors. Daily I feel awfully lonely, and I have become an outcast. Sleep has become an enemy, I stay up late every night escaping into the wonderland of mystery that contains broken fragments of my dreams. Tears and sore is salty, I long to return home if help will ever come before my last breath.
Let me leave now, you will hear from me soon, if I am still alive.
With pain from Sambisa.

Onyibe Oliver.

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Monday, 5 May 2014

Mrs Jonathan speech to the chibok principal on the missing girls #BringBackOurGirls

Patience:   prinspa do you come with two teachers?

Principal:  No maa

Patience:  you were not a form too.......eeh

Principal: yes maa

Patience: continue problem ! God will see us, there is God!!

Patience:   there is God! There is God in everything we are doing
                 Those bloods that are sharing in Borno, will answer.
What of two teachers....WAEC ......eeh what of two teachers that can tell us that them  conducted that exam, do u come with any ? prinspa?
 Principal: No maa

Patience: No too....... only you waka come.... oky!!      

Patience:  Now the 1st lady is calling you come i want to help you! Come to find yah bab! yah child, yah missing child........will you keep quiet?

Crowded Response:   Nooooo

Patience:    chei !! chei...... there is God o! there is God oo !! the Bloods we are sharing,  there is God ooo  There is God oo ! there is God ooo ! CRYING  there is God oooooooo  CRYING  there is GOD ooooooo   

End of 1st lady Dame Patience Jonathan

pls u can read again because na the official gramma from naija u dey read so.....

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Sunday, 4 May 2014


Since his unlawful arrest by the agents of the commissioner for Higher Education in Delta state, Ambrose Ezeanwani has shown to young Nigerians from all strata of life that until we stand up and confront injustice and corruption, we have no right to complain of bad governance in the land. In his words to me on phone while in detention he said ‘‘.....yekeme this is another moment we have to tell it as it is’’
This brings me to the thrust of this piece. The commissioner for Higher Education Hope Eghagha who orchestrated this whole drama seems to be silent. What is Eghagha hiding from? Why has he not responded to the claims of fraud perpetuated by the bursary and scholarship board in delta state?
The truth is, Ambrose was arrested because he seem to know too much of the internal happenings in the bursary board in Delta state, and this whole arrest is geared toward silencing him.....i hope not for life.
Ambrose was only asking for transparency in the bursary and scholarship board.........meaning the real students from delta state should get their bursary entitlement as at when due. This is just the simple thing we demand. Rather he is persecuted for his demands instead of those who corrupt the system. A sad reality I must say.
If the commissioner for Higher Education claims he his truly innocent of these allegations then let him publish the list of students he and the bursary board have paid bursary to in the last four years so that we can all see and compare with the various student records in higher institutions across the nation.
Else my candid advice to Hope Eghagha is for him to release Ambrose Ezeanwani because his fundamental rights have truly been violated.
However, this is a clarion call to all Nigerians and humanity in general to demand for Ambrose release because injustice done any where, is injustice done everywhere....... join the conversation here #FREEAMBROSE
By.... YEKEME an unconventional thinker, blogger, and dreamer

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Sunday, 20 April 2014


Regardless of the various controversies surrounding the origin of language, the presence of the existence of several widely differing, mutually unintelligible forms of human speech today is undeniable. And although many languages are radically different from one another in structure, the differences are merely apparent since each and every one of them can be used creatively. All languages possess the same creative potential.   
Again a close analysis of the various linguistic groups reveals regularities, patterns and syntactic connections governing the combination of sounds to form words. However, and regardless of this, the representation of objects by sounds or words is arbitrary. The arbitrariness of attaching sounds to objects account for the different linguistic groups.
The sounds which speakers of a linguistic group use in representing ideas, thoughts, experiences and objects are arbitrary in the sense that there is nothing in the objects so called that is representative of the sound. This view that language is arbitrary and a cultural construct implies that an infant learns a language by listening to the speakers of the language of the particular community into which s/he is born; and the words used in the language as well as the particular grammar or syntax of the language have developed historically as a social product and been handed down by tradition. The idea that language is arbitrary is corroborated by various linguists:
 “What we call ‘horse’, the Germans call ‘pferd’, the Frenchman ‘cheval’, the Indian ‘misatim’, and so on; one set of sounds is as unreasonable as any other”.- Bloomfield.
“I want you to remember that words have these meanings which we have given them and we give them meanings by explanations. A word has the meaning someone has given it”. - Wittgenstein.
“Language is a conventional system of habitual vocal behaviour. Before the establishment of a convention, any word could mean anything” – Yuen Ren Chao
“The fact that languages are arbitrary is sufficient evidence that they were invented. In any language, there are conventional ways of combining words to express the relations between ideas. There is no systematic correspondence between the forms of language and its meanings.” – Englefield.
The point to glean from these is that all languages are equal to one another insofar as they perform the function of aiding communication among humans within a given geographical formation. Hence one of the worst disgraces of colonisation, African scholars have said, is the destruction of native languages. The colonialists came in with the impression that everything about Africa is dark and therefore evil – from our skin colour, languages and up to our cultures generally. The impression was that we were inferior to the Whiteman. We must understand that every language is as good as the other. Every language spoken is essentially a tool for communication and once a language performs that function well, then it is as good as any other. Some people think that we are necessarily and eternally condemned through historical exigencies to the use of the English language. This to me is simply false. That we have, up till this time, failed to develop our indigenous languages to the level of creating with and in them is a fact but this has been due to negligence on our part or inability to see the worthwhileness of pursuing vehemently such a task, rather than being an inherent weakness in the languages themselves, neither is it too late to begin from now to do the needful.
 Our fathers and grandfathers had very little or no contact with the English man and his language but that did not affect their creative capabilities. They enjoyed their lives to the full, at least within the context of the social milieu in which they lived, and when the English language did eventually come to them, it was more of a distraction and interference than an asset. This much the late professor tried to describe in his widely read Things Fall Apart.  
A point to note about languages is that embedded in them are all sorts of indications of bygone cultures. This is why historians and especially anthropological linguists pay special attention to the study of different languages, in order to see through into a people’s past. Hence when we study and understand a language, we invariably learn about the history of the people who speak that language, and with it a profound acquaintance with their contemporary culture. It is also worthy to state the role language plays in knowledge acquisition. There is an intimate connection between knowledge and language because knowledge is a body of ideas, concepts and theories about what there is, expressed in one language or another. Man’s ability to pass knowledge from one generation to another is only possible because of the availability of language. Language has the capacity to represent objects and entities with abstract signs and symbols.
 As paradoxical as it may sound, it is also instructive to note that language has a limiting influence on knowledge. There is the view that language directly influences or limits thought and thus determines reality. This is what Ludwig Wittgenstein has systematized into the famous “Picture Theory of Language” with the catch phrases “The Limit of My Language is the Limit of My World” and “What we cannot say, we cannot think either”. Language, curiously has also been described as a mirror, a weapon, and a shield. In this perspective, the position of Sapir and Whorf on the relation of language to thought and behaviour is that language is a “symbolic guide to culture” such that “a change of language can transform our perception of the cosmos”.
We also need to mention the point that language is an evolutionary phenomenon – in other words it is still evolving or developing. Just like culture which is dynamic, language is also dynamic. The dynamism of language is decisively determined by the dynamics of the life experiences of the speakers of the language.
If the speakers of a language do not expect to see a particular word or situation, there will be no word for it. We need to also emphasize on the role language plays in knowledge acquisition. In fact, there is an intimate connection between knowledge and language, because when we talk of knowledge, we are talking about ideas, concepts and theories all expressed in one language or another.
Man’s ability to pass knowledge from one generation to another is only possible because of the availability of language. Language has the capacity to represent objects and entities with abstract signs and symbols. Again, knowledge is best acquired only in the context of one’s own language or mother tongue. It is more difficult to absorb and understand a concept in a secondary language than in one’s first language. This probably explains the challenge of education in Africa considering the fact that students are not taught in their mother tongue but in colonial languages. Even the national policy on education formulated by such eminent scholars as Prof. Babatunde Fafunwa, which among other things, stipulates that the medium of instruction in schools, at least during the formative years, should be in the child’s mother tongue, only exist on paper.
Language is a social product invented by human beings, used by them but again and as paradoxical as this may sound, it is true that the same human beings who invented language also has the capacity to limit and ultimately kill it. How? By simply seizing to speak it! A language cannot be above or live beyond the people that speak it.

By Emmanuel Ogheneochuko Arodovwe

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