Monday, 11 August 2014

Why you may need a private blog

In today's world, Identity plays a vital role in virtually every human endeavor.  Whether in Business, Politics, Public Service or even Religious association, every party feels at home with somebody they are familiar with. Nobody trusts easily an Individual without a story, a trace, a background they're familiar with or put simply somebody they hardly know.

A name, a face, a record, a profile, or even a referral etc can be a good starting point for   building new relationships that transcends our immediate environment.  If God gives you a Vision of a whale you don't go to the lake in your farmyard. Whales don't live in Lakes. Instead, you go all out there to the High Sea to "launch into the deep". But it takes time to gain acceptance in that highly promising but volatile environment. 

However, when people are acquainted with little details about you, it can spark up their interest and that may just be the opportunity you need to win acceptance. 

More so, with a private blog  you are presented with a platform that offers you the opportunity to express yourself,  what you want out of life, your values, views and opinions about life, living and other endeavors. As it were , you cease to become  a first timer to the global community. Running a web log can be a right way to register your Interconnectedness to the World.

Your Content
The problem of content is enough turn off for so many individuals.  It could even get more complicated when you see yourself as a never-achieved-enough person. But in most cases what really happens is that  we under-estimate our achievements. If you can find something to put down in your CV or resume then you can run a private blog. In fact, that's the least among the reasons you should run a blog.

For me, a choice of a private blog was more of a (social) necessity . The Platform gives me the privilege to express myself and communicate to the world through Writing.  As a Writer,  Public Speaker, Entrepreneur and trained Philosopher,  my desire to affect not just my immediate environment but the hundreds of people that I could connect through the 'IT miracle' influenced blogging for me. When people visit my blog  they should gain insights on Business,  Politics,  and Capacity building as a whole. Also, I want  people to see this experience as a mutual value-based exercise and thus flourish it with content . Through that process a synergy births a new Energy into this Universe of Knowledge. Who downplays the maxim "Knowledge is Light"?  

In addition, for the benefit of those who are always more interested in the messenger than the message, there's a short profile to intimate.

If you are xenophobic or you have an agelong paranoia,  perhaps having a personal blog may not be good for you.

But if being shy or suffering from any of the Complexes is the reason you want a "low- key" life then now is the time to shake it off. You cannot live to be average so embrace Excellence and the price/prize of Prominence that comes with it.  As one scripture verse says, "a city set on a hill cannot be hidden" 

Signing out with the Wisdom deduced from Chinua Achebe's quote: "If you don't write someone's story, write your own". Let me add that this is the generation of Globalization if you don't tell your story somebody else will tell it. You may just have to pray the buddy isn't a blackmailer.

By Showunmi Rex is the Senior Editor at Delta Forte Magazine ( | Twitter Handle: @remirex

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