Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Confusion Of The Nigerian Youth

The reality the average Nigerian faces is one of despondence. Statistics show that 70% of the population of the country comprises of youth.
The Nigerian youths are exposed to all kinds of information from the Internet to the cable channel; they have seen what youths in other parts of the world are doing especially in Europe, America and even Asia. The achievements of these people awe Nigerian youths and make them ask several unanswered questions.
The amazement and questions keep the  in confusion, hence the title of this write up.
Reports have shown how the youth in America and other developed places are contributing to the innovations and rapid development such societies are witnessing today.
From the Facebook revolution to other mind blowing technologies from Silicon Valley, to corporate and political governance, the youths in these societies are seen playing very crucial roles in the advancement of their society.
Back home in Nigeria, the situation is the very opposite. Not only is the level of development in Nigeria advancing at a very slow pace but the seemingly few places that the youths ought to be so as to contribute their ingenuity are occupied by men as old as their grandfathers. Yet these old hands are not willing to leave or retire in order for vibrant young minds to take over.
This explains why creativity in political governance, corporate Nigeria and even the idea of the youths believing in themselves is far from been achieved. (I really don’t know what he was trying to say here)
To this end, the  and by extension her counterparts in Africa who face similar challenges remain bewildered. They continue to ask what is wrong with the system? Could it be that their youthful vigour is not meant for the benefit of society?
Since our society discourages the constructive expression of youthful exuberance, we are now witnesses to the disaster that results when these creative minds are engaged negatively viz cybercrime, pornography, ATM fraud etc.
Albert Einstein who is acclaimed to be the father of 20th century creative exploits warned never to ignore the creativity of the youth. Societies that are regarded as advanced have adhered to this advice. Are we going to be left behind? The bomb blast at the police headquarters in Abuja attests to the fact that our youth are using their creative energy to harm the society.
The confusion is still on, how long will it last, I do not know but the consequences of this confusion are very severe…..