Thursday, 8 March 2012

SUBSIDY: The cabal and its kind of punishment

The house of representative’s investigations on oil has indeed revealed a lot of dirty practises in the nation’s oil sector. The cankerworms eating deep into the nations revenue source has to a large extent been expose though a lot still remains in the dark.
So far I would want to commend the nation’s House of Representatives for a job well done thus far?
During the heat of this event on oil , a lot was said about certain caucus, clique or what I described as the faceless cabals. As event went on in the probe instituted by the House of Representatives, it became clear that there is indeed a cabal running the nations oil sector.
The fundamental question therefore is who are these people? Why can’t they be brought to book for the havoc they have wrecked on the Nigerian people? Will the Nigerian people continue to suffer for what they know nothing of?
If nothing is done concerning these questions posed above then, believe you me, Nigeria is yet to learn from history and I make bold to say that we have silently reached an agreement with the devil to mortgage the future of our children.
In my candid opinion, I feel we may not get to the bottom of these issue of who these faceless people are and even if we do get them and prosecute them for their nefarious crimes, they will just be sent to luxurious hospitals in the name of prison to rest for awhile and in a matter of months they will come out and continue where they left.
This is the truth though some may consider it a bitter pill to swallow. The judicial and criminal system in this country is highly politicised especially when it comes to the prosecution of the who is who in contemporary Nigerian society.  Bode George, Cecilia Ibru and the like have been charged for crimes that could have gotten them death penalties in advanced countries like china and Singapore amongst others. Yet today these people bask in the euphoria of their ill gotten wealth after spending several months in some high brow relaxation centres they call prison. Imagine a Bode George leaving prison and here you have a society giving him a hero’s welcome back party. Even the church was not spared.
Indeed corruption has become so institutionalize and entrenched in Nigeria that if you choose not to be corrupt, people call you names. If this is what awaits this faceless cabal when we hope they will be caught, then it means the 1999 constitution which is the basis for our democracy is discriminative. Are there separate punishments for the high and mighty and a different one for ordinary Nigerians? If this is the case, then George Orwell’s animal farm depicts a picture Nigerians will sooner or later find themselves………………….

University of Lagos