Monday, 12 November 2012


one can hardly imagine what is going through the mind of Mr Nuhu Ribadu as he watches those who called him to come chair this committee criticise his entire effort without giving recourse to the original intent of the task force in the first place.
At the end of the day what seem to be a genuine investigation to the crises in the oil sector is finally been politicised exactly as the powers that be wanted it to play out in the first place. Mr Ribadu, I truly weep as you did; only if the Nigerian people knew what is going on behind the curtain, they will not only cry but seize the momentum and ask for proper probity.
As I watched in awe the level at which Mr Ribadu and Mr. Orosanya trade words on channels TV, it became clear to my mind that this Ribadu’s committee report will not make any meaningful impact going by the level of mockery the findings of the committee is been subjected to, otherwise how would one explain the authenticity and credibility of the committee’s work whose members are already appointed into the board of NNPC, An organisation it was supposed to investigate to the latter. To any discerning mind it therefore means that the committee’s work have been compromise and that is the last thing Mr Ribadu would want Nigerians to believe in. Going by the way Steve Orosanya spoke in that telecast, it is clear that, either the man is planted in that committee to be the spoiler or cover the track of vested interests. Otherwise why does he seem silent to the allegations of Mr Ribadu?
As the day goes by it is becoming clear that the protest on oil subsidy in January where few Nigerians sacrifice their lives was never really going to change anything after all. We have a president that appears to portray himself as a saint but surrounds himself with some of the worst advisers and aides whose interest always comes first before the interest of the nation. These are just some of the reasons I thought Mr Ribadu should have considered first before taking up the job as chairman of the Task force investigating the oil industry. If this whole exercise was an attempt at destroying the image and personality of Mr Ribadu, my candid advise for him is, weep not Nuhu Ribadu for Nigerians saw all these coming.

An Independent Observer