Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Choosing Vision Over Gains; Model For Leadership

The political arena in Nigeria is now dominated by stakeholders and
helmsmen who put personal benefits ahead and above serving the people- their primary responsibility. Their system of new politics is to loot voraciously funds from state treasury with the cliché "dividend of

Their actions have brought us to the point where we ask ourselves
a very fundamental question whether political interests should be
based on gains or visions? Perhaps we are missing the purpose of governance

Unlike many developed countries in the world where politics is played based on vision and ideologies, ours seem to have deviated from this very essence. We now see elections without clear and meaningful manifestoes as normal provided their message tickle our ears or sound interesting. Mind you, once candidates share gifts and money in the name of mobilisation the election is a done deal. Highest bidder electioneering.

We can hardly change much about this situation, the electorates already have this mindset that the electioneering season is the best and only time they can benefit from the largesse of state.

Niger Delta politicians exhibits more of this "gain devoured” politics
With Chief Ibori and Chief Alamieyeseigha as veterans based on the "badge of honor" they proudly carry. We can't ignore the traits and efforts of Diezani
Alison-Madueke and Ngozi Okonjo Iweala. What a man can do a woman can do better. NOI and DAM's latest saga help validate the
above assertions.
Though it is a fact that many of our politicians
today are accidental politicians (El-rufai wrote a book to emphasize
that) and their sudden entry into the "lucrative business" was due to
the fact that those with genuine intention to build and develop our
country did not believe in the dish the military was serving in 1999.
So those who were bold enough to handle it were solely interested in
what they could get out at least before any military usurpation as it happened in 1993.

Looking at the political arena of Delta State at the moment, the major
players and stakeholders are keen on protecting their interests in other to
remain relevant. This term, in Nigerian politics, means how much money or contract you can get from the government? As if not enough, those pests use their influence and relevance to
seek for fresh ways to loot and embezzle state funds for personal
gains and frivolous activities.

With lack of vision and the constant embezzlement of funds, states are left with failed projects and neglected contracts.
Administrators award contracts to their cronies and associate who often times falter in executing such projects, Empowerment. Little wonder all that the youths can
boast of is the state of "no jobs, no income and no assets". This
intense pressure of lack of sustainable means of livelihood has led
several unemployed youths to get involved in crimes and illegal

When we look far and near there's only one advice to give--- Let's get ready, we too must participate in building our future; we
should focus on ideological leadership and visionaries whose main
interest lies with the people. Men with dreams and vision to build and develop
our state and not kleptocrats and corrupt leaders who are merely
concerned about the gains.

*Kome Agbauduta is the Co-founder of Delta Forte Network and Founding Partner of KREED 

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