Sunday, 4 May 2014


Since his unlawful arrest by the agents of the commissioner for Higher Education in Delta state, Ambrose Ezeanwani has shown to young Nigerians from all strata of life that until we stand up and confront injustice and corruption, we have no right to complain of bad governance in the land. In his words to me on phone while in detention he said ‘‘.....yekeme this is another moment we have to tell it as it is’’
This brings me to the thrust of this piece. The commissioner for Higher Education Hope Eghagha who orchestrated this whole drama seems to be silent. What is Eghagha hiding from? Why has he not responded to the claims of fraud perpetuated by the bursary and scholarship board in delta state?
The truth is, Ambrose was arrested because he seem to know too much of the internal happenings in the bursary board in Delta state, and this whole arrest is geared toward silencing him.....i hope not for life.
Ambrose was only asking for transparency in the bursary and scholarship board.........meaning the real students from delta state should get their bursary entitlement as at when due. This is just the simple thing we demand. Rather he is persecuted for his demands instead of those who corrupt the system. A sad reality I must say.
If the commissioner for Higher Education claims he his truly innocent of these allegations then let him publish the list of students he and the bursary board have paid bursary to in the last four years so that we can all see and compare with the various student records in higher institutions across the nation.
Else my candid advice to Hope Eghagha is for him to release Ambrose Ezeanwani because his fundamental rights have truly been violated.
However, this is a clarion call to all Nigerians and humanity in general to demand for Ambrose release because injustice done any where, is injustice done everywhere....... join the conversation here #FREEAMBROSE
By.... YEKEME an unconventional thinker, blogger, and dreamer

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