Monday, 5 May 2014

Mrs Jonathan speech to the chibok principal on the missing girls #BringBackOurGirls

Patience:   prinspa do you come with two teachers?

Principal:  No maa

Patience:  you were not a form too.......eeh

Principal: yes maa

Patience: continue problem ! God will see us, there is God!!

Patience:   there is God! There is God in everything we are doing
                 Those bloods that are sharing in Borno, will answer.
What of two teachers....WAEC ......eeh what of two teachers that can tell us that them  conducted that exam, do u come with any ? prinspa?
 Principal: No maa

Patience: No too....... only you waka come.... oky!!      

Patience:  Now the 1st lady is calling you come i want to help you! Come to find yah bab! yah child, yah missing child........will you keep quiet?

Crowded Response:   Nooooo

Patience:    chei !! chei...... there is God o! there is God oo !! the Bloods we are sharing,  there is God ooo  There is God oo ! there is God ooo ! CRYING  there is God oooooooo  CRYING  there is GOD ooooooo   

End of 1st lady Dame Patience Jonathan

pls u can read again because na the official gramma from naija u dey read so.....

@yekeme say so?